3D Laser Scanning

HDE is proud of the development in laser scanner and now boasts the use of three Leica scanners. Our two Leica RTC360 laser scanners and Leica P30 laser scanner deliver the highest quality 3D data and HDR imaging at an extremely fast rate of 2 million points per second and 1 million points per second respectively with a range of 100 meters per scan. The rapid speed of our 3D laser scanners and the enormous amount of information they capture significantly reduces the number of hours personnel are required on-site, as well as any plant shutdowns and overall interruptions to production.

Along with our point cloud processing systems, 3D laser scanning allows us to digitally capture the shape of any physical object with unsurpassed detail and accuracy and permits us to capture the exact size and shape or any object/structure.

Our laser scanners have become an everyday tool and has seamlessly integrated into our engineering design process at HDE. Learn more about our 3D laser scanning services below.

3D Laser Scanning Expertise

Precision Mechanical & Structural Design

Incorporating 3D laser scanning from concept to layout and design significantly enhances engineering and construction projects. This cutting-edge technology is particularly crucial for brownfield projects, seamlessly integrating new structural or mechanical design projects into existing plants and structures. It ensures precise alignment and streamlined implementation for complex project requirements.

Benefits include:

  • Creating as-built models
  • High detailed designs
  • Clash detection
  • Fabricate offsite with confidence

Deviation Assessments

By enabling accurate measurements and analysis of intricate surfaces, 3D laser scanning offers precise insights into both small mechanical components and large structures. The resulting high-precision scan data can be meticulously compared to existing CAD drawings and models or previously scanned data, facilitating comprehensive and insightful deviation assessments.

Benefits include:

  • Identification of deviations or anomalies in a model
  • Identification of discrepancy or movement over time
  • Fabrication verification
  • As-built capture

High Risk Inspection & Data Capture

With its remote data capture capability, 3D laser scanning significantly reduces the necessity for manual measurements and minimises the time spent in hazardous, high-risk locations. This technology effectively mitigates risks associated with working at heights, unstable structures, confined spaces, and other dangerous areas, ensuring the safety of personnel and streamlined data acquisition.

Benefits include:

  • Scan at a safe distance from hazards
  • Scan confined spaces without the risk
  • Scan hard to reach structures
  • No personnel at risk
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