Other Services

Our team provides comprehensive support for engineering, design, and project requirements from conception to completion, both on and off-site.

We offer services such as project development, inspections, labour hire, and drawing management, utilising cutting-edge technology to provide additional support for your design and engineering projects.

Learn more about our additional services below.

Other Engineering Services

Drawing Management Systems

HDE prides itself on the implementation, management, and co-ordination of multiple clients’ drawing systems over the past 25 years. Our team can provide support for your system with the control of drawing and document revisions, drawing numbering, entering accurate metadata, and providing easy to access files.

If your document control system is inefficient or ineffective, talk to HDE about what options we can provide to get you back on track.

Benefits include:

  • Keep control of your documents and revision history
  • Easy access to your drawings and documents
  • Digital and hard copy drawing systems

Drone Inspections

With improving technology, drones are providing safer, efficient options for many high-risk tasks including inspections, and aerial project monitoring. Our Matrice 300 and Mavic Pro drones can assist for your next inspection for mobile machinery, draglines, silos or storage bins, aerial imaging, above ground service surveying, or other structures and equipment.

HDE has pilots with CASA REoC certification ready to inspect your structures and equipment.

Benefits include:

  • As built or project monitoring
  • Safe inspections without confined space or working at heights requirements
  • HD visual inspections of difficult to access structures

Labour Hire

HDE has a reliable team who can provide services direct for your business on and off site. We can provide experts to temporarily work within your team, provide project management assistance, or have on-call support.

Our team are able to complete required training for Standard 11, inductions or high-risk training to suit your requirements.

Benefits include:

  • Project management
  • Engineering support
  • Design and drafting support
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