Structural Engineering

HDE Engineers boast extensive expertise in structural engineering, offering inspections and assessments for various structures. Our comprehensive services include 3D Laser Scanning, Ultrasonic Thickness Testing (UTT), and F.E.A Analysis.

We have developed effective remediation methodologies, providing accurate assessments and step-by-step plans to ensure the structural integrity of plants and buildings.

Learn more about our structural engineering services below.

Structural Engineering Expertise

Structural Inspections and Compliance Auditing

HDE boasts a team of highly skilled engineers specialising in comprehensive onsite greenfield and brownfield structural auditing and inspections. Our greenfield site inspections encompass assessments and reporting of constructions against approved designs, incorporating quality control checks and third-party independent reporting.

Brownfield site inspections involve thorough reviews of existing equipment condition assessments and structural hazard assessment and reporting, encompassing projected repair costs, recommended repair timeframes, and remaining life expectancy evaluations.

We specialise in:

  • Existing equipment and structure condition assessments
  • As-built compliance auditing
  • Annual compliance inspections against Australian standards
  • Equipment and structural life projections

Engineering Assessment & Certification

Harnessing cutting-edge 3D Modelling and Finite Element Analysis (FEA), HDE Engineers assess the structural capacities of both existing structures and designs. This process ensures the delivery of RPEQ certified designs in accordance with legislation.

Leveraging our capabilities, we offer customised designs and certifications tailored to meet our clients’ diverse range of requirements.

We specialise in:

  • Review and certification of existing lifting equipment
  • Certification of support stands and jacking equipment
  • Design and certification of bespoke structures
  • Design reviews and structural failure analysis and investigations

Structural Modifications

HDE specialises in adeptly transforming existing plants and buildings to accommodate equipment modifications and enhanced accessibility. Our robust in-house structural design capabilities are anchored by the extensive hands-on experience of our key design personnel in various mining and heavy industries.

With a keen focus on innovation and client-specific needs, we ensure seamless integration and functional optimisation for your structural modifications.

We specialise in:

  • Modifications to existing plant and equipment access systems
  • Structural design changes to accommodate new and upgraded equipment
  • Structural changes to enable the removal of constrained equipment
  • Structural changes to enable the removal of constrained equipment
  • Methodologies for all forms of structural modification
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